Flood Risk Estimator
Enhancing capacities of flood prone communities

Doaba Foundation:

Doaba literary means “the land between two waters “rivers”. Since 1987-88, Doaba is the result of the efforts of riverine communities when they were united to minimize their vulnerabilities, and to pursue common interests associated with natural disasters or socio-economic injustice. At Present, Doaba is working with disaster prone communities- affected by Chenab (the areas where River Jhelum and River Ravi are also merged) and Indus Rivers- of 06 districts Multan, Muzaffargarh, Layyah, Jhang,Bhakkhar, DG Khan in South Punjab-Pakistan. Doaba works to improve quality of life among rural people and, true to its name, Concentrates on communities prone to flood disasters. It seeks to build capacity of such communities for disaster risk reduction and mitigation, incorporating the same in programmes of development intervention. Doaba firmly believes in the participation of the community in the identification of vulnerabilities, prioritization of needs, negotiation of knowledge-based techniques, participation, and thereby community responsibility, in implementation of tasks, monitoring and internal evaluation of intervention projects.

At Doaba programmes sites, identification and prioritization of needs and consequent sectoral decisions have always been done by communities themselves, in the context of constraints they face and opportunities they recognize, through Doaba’s catalytic work. Participation of communities has resulted in diverse ways people have chosen as coping strategies. Know more...

city pulse

City Pulse (Pvt.) Ltd.

City Pulse (Pvt) Limited is a professional engineering consulting company led by a group of enthusiastic urban planners, engineers and GIS experts. We offer our services in the spheres of urban and regional planning, geographic information systems, remote sensing, civil and environmental engineering, natural resource management, water and wastewater management, project planning and management, research and socio economic studies. Know more...